We convert our clients' ideas into 3D models, renders, and animations people connect with
In 3D digital space, the nearly limitless potential of visual concepts and details can come to life for any idea just waiting to take off in front of the public
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Transforming Ideas Into Visual Narratives Audiences Engage With

We are a 3D Digital Media company focused on transforming the concepts people bring us into presentations people connect with


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Communication is Key!

Walls of Text Are So Last Century:

Words don’t just magically jump off a printed page and into the imaginations of whoever is reading or listening to them without guidance.  Photographs, images, animations, and virtual environments are much better then mere words at transforming experiences into something people can share and engage with.

That is why 73rDimension exists!  We help people share their narratives through the sharing of experiences whether those experiences are data visualizations, 3D models, or complete VR environments that envelope visitors with vivid graphics and dynamic perspectives.

With decades of experience presenting ourselves in front of audiences both large and small in a number of different capacities, we’ve learned more than a few things about transforming ideas into visual narratives audiences can take home with themselves.  Here are just a few of the tidbits we’ve learned along the way…and mastered to the best of our abilities:

  • Learning how to “Read a Room”
  • Communicating beyond cultural divides
  • Being sensitive to an audience of neurodiverse individuals
  • Addressing sensory issues when they arise
  • Bridging language barriers
  • Developing the shared experiences that lead to community engagement
  • Solving the issues that can arise when audience members just don’t “get” it

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Our visual renders and environments encourage interest, drive enthusiastic curiosity, and invite involvement of audiences.  Discover how we can help you engage your audience.

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