Data Visualization

Imagine stepping inside your data for a broader perspective of the information driving your world

We are surrounded by data every single moment of our lives.  As we collect this data, analyze, synthesize, and extract the patterns and trends we can find inside of that data, sharing that wealth of information with others becomes a challenge.  The traditional method of organizing data by type and function inside of a spreadsheet is great for comparing patterns within a table or even contrasting one variable with any other variable within the database.  The limitations of spreadsheets arise fairly quickly though when looking for a clear representation of real-world context…or even fully understanding the magnitude that each data point might actually be representing.

For some people, wrapping their minds around abstract numbers, places, and arrays of data…even recognizing the patterns within these points of data…can be difficult.  Especially when these variables are sitting inside a spreadsheet where the context many people need in order to transform this data into information is missing.

Helping people recognize the context of the data surrounding them as information they can actually absorb takes a deep understanding of the audience the data is being shared with, a passion for data synthesis and analysis, and a desire to provide context to data points that audiences can truly connect with.

Transforming data points into structures and environments people can actually interpret as information is a passion of ours here at 73rDimension.  From simply creating rendered images that show comparisons between large or abstract numbers to developing entire environments that invite individuals to interact with data points  and experience the context and connections data points provide within the context of a network, we help people engage with and connect to the power data has by connecting them with the tools that transform data into absorbable information.

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