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Invite your audience to experience the world through your eyes

Technology still has a long road to travel before it will be able to deliver the virtual sensation of touch that an average individual can interpret as genuine. Luckily for us, the recognition of this limitation has meant that our ability to share sight, sound, and movement has flourished recently through the use of 3d graphics and immersive technologies.

As online experiences overtake in-real-life encounters with products, services, and information, it becomes increasingly clearer that providing the context lost in virtual space becomes that much more important to audiences searching for better perspectives.

And where context is key…perspective is everything!

Here at 73rDimension, we have worked with clients who wanted to share 3d perspective of their products by allowing their audience members a chance to manipulate their merchandise in virtual 3d space. We’ve taken the time to help our clients connect with customers who wish to know what mechanical processes were taking place during a technical overhaul of their electronic devices…and we’ve also developed 360-degree virtual environments where audiences could “step inside” and experience the dynamics of mathematical patterns, the networks involved within a historical political situation, and the literal interpretation of what it feels like to look out a window through the perspective of an anxious mind.

As the ability to share experiences with the world become more of a reality, we recognize that a single image of an item will increasingly leave the most sophisticated of audiences craving more content. We’re also aware of the fact that engaging any audience requires the ability to help them interact with our clients’ worlds as much as our clients wish to be in theirs. We love helping our clients broaden the points of view of their audiences…and we also love the idea of encouraging others to interact with their world through deeper perspectives.

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