Handcrafted 3D Models

Detailed 3D digital models crafted to meticulous specifications

Crafting a narrative involves hours of preparation. There’s the choice of the message that must be refined and focused, the outline that diagrams the ideas going into the message, expanding those ideas to create clear thoughts, word choice and tone, crafting toward a well-rounded conclusion…and organizing the entire thing in order to deliver one cohesive message that connects with the intended audience. Following all of that…there are the multiple drafts, the spell checks, the grammar checks, the fact checks, the word choice editing, audience test screenings, and rewrites that all come together in the end to convey the idea the author(s) of this narrative wish to share with the world.

And yet, so often in this world of soundbites, emojis, and increasingly short attention spans, these narratives get lost behind a wall of text, a disengaged audience, or worse…some stock image bought and paid for simply because it is an alluring image…and not for the message it too brings to the equation.

73rDimension takes pride in the fact that we work with our clients in order to help them convey the visuals their words are conjuring up in their own minds to whoever their audience might be. That includes details in shape and design as well as texture, lighting, and mood. Instead of distracting from, we intend our visual narratives to enhance our clients’ narratives as audience members get to experience these narratives from the authors’ intended perspective.

The 3d digital models we create are meticulously modeled…down to precise angles, lengths, and textures when necessary…to client specifications. We take into consideration the message, tone, and cohesion our clients are hoping their models represent. And we even make sure we double-check, cross-reference, and compare our models with the real-life models our clients are often hoping to recreate in digital space.

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