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The ability of a mind to be creative and to develop its own interpretation of the world around it is a fascinating element to life…and when that element is allowed to run free with an idea, incredible things usually follow. So often in life, we get an idea in our minds that is so fantastical it just has to be shared…only for our ability to share those visions to fall flat on reality’s nose. So we use our words, hand gestures, and language to convey these incredible ideas…only for our own perspectives to get lost inside of other people’s minds.

For most of the past few thousand years, art, design, and visual portrayals of experience have been the primary message delivery vehicle. Whether that idea is being shared with chalk on a cave community’s wall or by mixing a combination of chemicals on a strip of cellulose nitrate, the ability to use art as a form of communicating ideas and conveying concepts is an integral part of sharing a personal perspective as an experience with a group of others.

Here at 73rDimension, we like to look at 3d graphics and immersive environment building as a 21st-century version of those ancient cave paintings-sharing an experience with others who enjoy the visuals to go along with the words of a narrative message. Sure, they are completely different forms of art, but we believe 3D graphics and interactive technologies have the potential to transform the communication landscape.

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