Vibrant Animations

Your ideas transformed into lively and dynamic 3D renderings in digital space

Light, color, form, movement, and sound. To the average viewer, fluidly combining these elements into a finely crafted animation might appear to be quite simple. Yet, in reality, blending these components in order to create seamless motion on a screen involves a deep understanding of timing, spacing, motion, physics, and frame rate. Beyond the modeling, texturing, lighting, and object placement within a simple scene, adding the elements of both form and movement requires knowledge of how to model objects in 3d space that are able to be rigged with fluid motion, the timing it takes for objects to interact with each other within a scene, the spacing those objects require in order to time their motion fluidly, and the number of frames per second that are workable within the time-frames and budgets available.

Here at 73rDimension, we have been able to focus several years worth of experience working in and around photo-sequencing and film editing on developing realistic animation that combines the fundamentals of good video editing and animation with the world of 3d space, modeling, and rendering to create works of art that share ideas in motion and dynamic perspectives to individuals seeking new points of view.

Our knowledge of the different platforms 3d developers work with also provides us the flexibility to merge our capabilities across multiple software packages in order to produce 3d animations that pop with life and portray enthusiasm and energy whenever they are necessary.

The world around us is in constant motion. Representing that motion accurately and to our clients’ specifications is something important to us as we help connect people to ideas they can engage with.

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