Virtual Environments

Allow your audience to step inside a personalized virtual world

It’s definitely taking a risk…but storytellers have been taking them for generations-presenting a narrative through their very own personal experiences and perspectives as audiences attempt to step into those environments that they might never have had the opportunity to experience themselves.

From a narrative point of view, these environments have the ability to set the entire tone of a story. For example, placing a gritty and grizzled private eye into a nature scene filled with sunflowers and butterflies might seem out-of-place within the confines of a horror movie…but right at home in the middle of a comedic short.

Helping our clients develop environments their audiences engage with involves listening to the stories our clients wish to share, braiding into the equation the design elements that help frame the narrative for a receptive audience, calculating the 3d space required for the narrative to be shared effectively, creating all of the elements and components to go into the immersive environment, placing these elements throughout the scene, and animating these components where necessary.

Our creators here at 73rDimension have a passion for helping our clients create vibrantly and engaging virtually immersive environments. Building entire worlds that others can walk through and actually experience as they interact with objects or discover the connections data points have with other elements within a network creates a sense of pride inside of us that we share through our attention to the projects we’ve been involved with. And then, when our clients experience the joy of individuals experiencing their environments as they walk through, interact, and engage with new ideas, perspectives, and points of view, they too, get to feel that same sense of joy that comes when shared experiences really do become a reality.

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